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Parent Support

Individualised parent & carer support 

As a parent, you know your child best and have an active role in caring, supporting and advocating for your child. It is a very important and rewarding job being a parent but it can also be very challenging. We know that conversations about your child's difficulties can be difficult to have when your child is receiving 1:1 therapy sessions. There is not always enough time when attending the clinic to have the opportunity for discussion with your child’s treating therapist and have therapeutic support for your child at the same time, as there can be too much to cover in one visit.


How can we help?

Having a conversation with a supportive therapist without your child present can be really beneficial. You have an opportunity to look at the whole family picture and the support around your child, and gain assistance with planning and problem solving the difficulties you and your child are experiencing. Having a discussion without your child present can support you to feel more comfortable to talk about the challenges you are experiencing without worrying about your child listening.


Individulised parent sessions can be arranged to be a once off interaction or they can be completed over a number of sessions. This opportunity allows parents the time and space to have a conversation without taking time away from hands-on therapy for their child.


During a parent consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges you are facing and engage in targeted problem-solving to identify and understand what is happening for your child, and gain strategies that are aimed to suit your child’s needs, the family’s needs and family environment to support at home, school and out in the community.


Topics for parent support may include:

  • Self care

  • Toileting

  • Behaviour, emotions and regulation

  • Sensory processing

  • Play

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