Your journey at SPOT begins with your initial consultation and assessment. In the initial session, we will discuss your concerns, go through our client handbook, and commence assessment where appropriate. All sessions are tailored to your child's individual needs. If we are not able to formally assess your child, information is gathered in other ways - including observation, play, informal tasks and activities. Your child’s therapist is then able to provide recommendations for ongoing treatment if required.


At SPOT we pride ourselves on making therapy sessions fun, effective, and individualised. Our therapy rooms provide the perfect environment away from distraction to teach your child new skills, and share with parents tips and suggestions for home and school. We start with goal setting based on your child's needs, establish a rapport and find motivating activities to help achieve success, and provide appropriate homework. 

Children in Indoor Playground

AT SPOT we currently offer multiple group options, and are excited to be launching more soon! These programs allow our clients to learn and practise social skills within a structured and supportive environment.