Social Skills Groups

At SPOT we love running group programs in order to support our clients social and emotional needs. We are excited to offer a variety of different groups tailored to different ages and stages, rather than "one size fits all." Contact us today to register your interest in upcoming groups!

Play Pals

In our Play Pals program, we will pair up two clients for joint sessions in order to target social goals. Pairings are thoughtfully considered by our therapists in order to achieve the best matches possible based on personality, age, communication level, and social skills goals. Play Pals is flexible in the number of sessions scheduled based on the evolving needs of both clients and their families.

We Thinkers

We Thinkers social groups have a primary focus of developing social skills, but within a group setting of 4-6 children. This program, while adaptable, will follow the We Thinkers curriculum, which was created by Michelle Garcia Winner (creator of Social Thinking!).  Children will also be thoughtfully grouped in this program in order to achieve the best dynamic and outcome possible. 

More groups coming summer 2020-2021! Watch this space for updates!

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