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Social Groups

At SPOT we love running group programs in order to support our clients social and emotional needs. We are excited to offer a variety of different groups tailored to different ages and stages, rather than "one size fits all." Contact us today to register your interest in upcoming groups!

Kids sitting around a table together engaging in a game
Kids showing enjoyment with learning
School Readiness Group

Our School Readiness Group supports children transitioning to school to work on or learn fine motor skills used in the classroom. Children are supported by our occupational therapists to learn strategies to assist the development of hand strength to support their ability to complete colouring, drawing, writing and cutting activities. The children will also be supported to learn routines that are expected for school age children including putting their bag away and enjoying a snack together. 

Lego Interest Group

Does your child love Lego? Our Lego Interest Groups are designed for children 7-13 who have a special special interest in these little blocks! The groups are facilitated by a therapist and allow children to connect with peers who have similar interests. What each group looks like varies every time, as the group work together to decide what Lego-based activities they would like to complete. 


 The following areas will be targeted during your child's participation in this group:


  • Connection with peers

  • Collaborative problem solving

  • Communication 

  • Team-work and friendship-building 

 Register your interest at or 08 7228 6825
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