Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy? An Occupational Therapists' primary goal is to enable clients to participate in activities of daily living. For children, this can mean helping to improve cognitive, physical, sensory, and fine and gross motor skills all of which can lead to enhanced self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. 


Expert advice

Expert Occupational Therapy advice and recommendations

Start here if you or your child's teacher have raised concerns about their attention, handwriting, cutting, pencil skills, muscle tone, coordination, organisation and planning, or sensory processing. You will gain valuable recommendations and strategies for home and school. 


Fun and engaging!
Watch your child develop independence and confidence

Many goals can be achieved with 1:1 clinic based therapy allowing your child to participate fully in their environment. Therapy activities are designed to be fun and functional in order to help your child remain motivated and learn skills in a way that is transferable to daily life. 


Taking enquiries!
Helping your child achieve success in using newly learned skills!

Your child may learn wonderful new skills in a 1:1 setting but struggle to apply these skills to different environments. Groups are the perfect next step to teach generalisation, or a great addition to 1:1 therapy.

Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff to find out more!

Our occupational Therapist supports children with difficulties in a range of areas including:


Fine motor skills

Finger strength, grip, dexterity, for skills such as cutting, holding a pencil, and doing buttons up

Gross motor skills

Postural control, muscle strength, coordination


Sensory Processing

Helping children to manage sensory challenges

Organisation and Planning

Development of sequencing and planning for many daily tasks such as getting dressed, packing a school bag


Self Care

Toileting, sleep and activities of daily living



Pencil grip and handwriting skills


Building better cognitive, sensory and emotional regulation to improve skills such as attention to task and task completion



Help with strategies and support for challenging behaviours

We can help your child achieve success

with everyday tasks and activities!

Our expert therapists are here

to work together with your family in order to

help your child reach his or her

full potential!

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